Blackjack Strategy Trainer

  • This Blackjack basic Strategy Trainer helps you quickly and easily learn perfect basic blackjack strategy to maximize your casino edge and increase your odds at winning blackjack at the casino.

    This blackjack basic strategy trainer teaches in a way similar to flashcards, in matching accuracy to each play based on dealer up card. Basic blackjack strategy Real Deck mode can assist in blackjack card counting strategies. The blackjack basic strategy trainer is only based on the blackjack basic strategy specific odds of each pertaining blackjack hand alone, regardless of which cards may or may not be next. This is originally designed as a lightweight app, light on graphics, animations, and interface.

    Key Features:
    ★ Simpler, and easier Blackjack Basic Strategy Trainer.
    ★ Fast and simple flashcard style teaching.
    ★ Manually select-able cards for both dealer and player. (Choose the cards you want)
    ★ Auto deal mode, deals cards randomly for both player and dealer.
    ★ Realistic real deck shuffle mode – Simulates a real deck/shoe to help card counting.
    ★ Temporarily logs plays for going back over after lightning round practicing.
    ★ Instant feedback shows the hand, play, and suggested play based off the charts.
    ★ Quickly check out strategy charts for a wide variety of table rules, including the most popular real world casino rules.
    ★ Customize-able app through in app upgrades.
    ★ Highly responsive/attentive support for any issues with the app.

    Blackjack Basic Strategy Trainer and Charts support the most common real casino blackjack rule variations including:
    ★ 1-8 deck(s)
    ★ Hit/stand soft 17
    ★ Double Any 2 cards, Double 9/10 only, Double 10/11 only
    ★ Double after splitting / No double after splitting
    ★ Late Surrender / No surrender
    ★ Dealer peek / No Peek

    Blackjack Basic Strategy Trainer Real Deck mode:
    ★ Adds decks and shuffles into “shoe” and draws cards from top of shoe like in a real table setting.
    ★ Can help learn card counting strategies.
    ★ Simulates a real game of blackjack (without betting).

    Planned Features:
    ★ Additional settings (themes, audio, etc.)

    ★★★ This application supports English localizations, from Left-Right format. Also, this application has only been optimized on a Samsung Galaxy S8, running Android 9.
    If you try this app and it does not work on your device, please contact support and see if they can help you get it running!★★★

    ★ This is the first app to be developed by Aeon Apps, and was originally intended as a quick, lightweight, on-the-go tool to help learn basic strategy of blackjack at the casino.

    ***** DISCLAIMER *****
    Blackjack Basic Strategy and/or this application in no way guarantees any persons to be successful at real casino blackjack no matter how well they have done within the application. This is just a tool to assist with learning basic blackjack strategy. The developer(s), creator(s), and/or owner(s) of this application are not responsible for anything that may result from any information presented within the application.