DJ Mashups / Remixes / Productions

Playlist containing all of the private and non private DJ mashups I have made. Most will be original mashups, but some may be inspired partly or entirely by others, and each specific mashup’s description will detail such information, as well as all tracks used.

This is a private playlist containing private songs for Patreon, Twitch subscribers, or other private supporters of my content. The mashups here, including free downloads are intended for supporters only… Please respect this 🙂

Note: close to the end of Vol. 1 I started uploading both the Extended Mashups versions as well as the Radio Edit versions (the versions usually used for the youtube videos). These are mostly going to be combined into a single .RAR compressed file, which you will need a zip file extraction program such as winrar to open and get the mashup mp3s themselves. I’m doing this to save space and simplify the upload progress for myself, but may end up hosting the individual direct files again at some point.