OBS Setup Guide

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Trying to stream, but not sure how to navigate and use OBS? Or maybe you are already streaming, but when a viewer says you have audio or video problems, you don’t know where to look to begin fixing the issue? Then this is the guide that will get you from OBS pleb to OBS Pro in the simple, easy to follow way, in the quick amount of time!

Examples of covered topics:

  • First time streamer? No Problem!
    • Equipment recommendations (Audio, computer requirements, etc)
    • Where + How to get OBS (Open Broadcast Software)
  • Basic setup/overview of broadcasting gear and software.
    • In depth basic setup of OBS Settings
  • How to setup scenes.
  • How to setup sources within scenes.
  • Monitoring audio levels.
  • Computer load monitoring.


Bonus content:

  • Common viewer complaints + how to fix.
  • Intermediate/Advanced use of scene transitions.
  • Optional plugins that might be of use to you.
  • Replay buffer (easy clip + montage collection)


Hello, I'm Aeon! I have put in over 500 hours learning and experimenting with what works and doesn't work with mixing music (documented on mixcloud.com/aeonpsych as well as twitch.tv/aeonpsych). As I originally taught myself (through watching other DJs mix, watching tutorial videos, searching forums, etc.), I found that it was actually really difficult and/or time consuming to find all the specific and relevant information I needed to learn certain techniques. Combine this with a decent amount of interest from others in learning from me, I figured it would be more efficient to consolidate all my knowledge on the subject into nice convenient and easy to follow training packages. Realizing I also have knowledge on a variety of other subjects people would be interested in learning, I figured it would be more efficient to just incorporate all of this into 1 place. As a result, I have invested many months putting all of my knowledge together into individually packaged courses on this site for your enjoyment! Dream big, achieve bigger, and may all your dreams become reality! -Aeon Psych

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