Hello! I'm Aeon, car tuning fanatic and hobbyist DJ!

I enjoy tuning crazy builds on the hondata/versatuner platforms and creating fluid/story-telling style music mixes within the EDM genres: Trance, Bass, House. I also frequently tinker around with programming/automation, and video editing projects.

Define “Aeon Psych” – An indefinite and very long period of time to mentally prepare for a testing task.

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Started tuning back in 2016 with my d16z single cam Honda Del Sol. After getting "the bug", and being able to see the changes essentially in realtime, went all in with a 70mm turbo build for it. Got it up to 27 psi before the headstuds stripped out of the block and had it rebuilt (with upgraded rods, pistons, studs, etc.) until the transmission blew during a 2nd to 3rd gear pull.
Due to factors at the time, I never was able to rebuild/complete that setup, and had tuned various other Honda setups (more D series, B series, turbo/non-turbos, automatics, as well as nitrous setups) with the most recent tuning experience being on the versatuner platform for Mazdaspeeds (including the addition of unique variables like MAF and e85 tuning).
While DJing, have created over 600 hours of recorded music mixes, with the most recent handful of mixes posted on Mixcloud. Most of them were livestreamed on with a handful of recorded/non-recorded in person sets. Started out mainly mixing “Ultra Miami” festival style, and eventually incorporating “story-telling” type mixes with Progressive/Uplifting/Vocal Trance over the years.
Relating to programming/automation and video editing, I have created a couple of Android mobile apps relating to Blackjack basic strategy training and the War card game, as well as have turned a professional focus to the cybersecurity industry as of late 2023 (focus in automation). For video editing, I started dablling in short-form content creation (relating to cars) and long form (relating to self-hosted "masterclass" style content to help teach others to gain the knowledge I had easier/quicker than I did.

2024: This site is in the process of being migrated from it's previous design/hosting, of which mainly the DJ content has been migrated so far (car, video, and program content not yet migrated). I am migrating all myself (including a bunch of newly designed and custom coded features) in my free-time, so it will get done when it gets done :)


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2020 - Present

Mazdaspeed Tuning


Host Masterclass Site

Car Tuning + Social Video Edits


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Hondata s300


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Car Tuning

Tuning various setups on Hondata S300, Veratuner, HPTuners (soon) platforms

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8+ years | 5+ clients


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