Here you will find my portfolio of different projects I have worked on. View each one for an in depth description.

Brief overview of projects:

  • DJ - Live stream and in person gigs. Styles consist of festival EDM (Ultra Miami, EDC, Tomorrowland), as well as House, Bass, Electro, Trance genres.
  • Car Tuning - Hondata and VersaTuner platforms, with HPTuners potentially in the works.
  • Masterclass - Learn on your own: my DJ style, car tuning (in the works), Tines (in the works), basic video editing (in the works)
  • Tines Automation - Automation projects in Tines, including News/product updates, email/security analysis, template generating, and multi-service integrations.
  • Programming - Couple of Android mobile apps, as well as various code/script logic for chat bots, DIY controllers, etc.


Gigs, live streams, event productions, coaching

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Car Tuning

Car tuning on Hondata, VersaTuners, and HPTuners platforms

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Masterclass Courses/Coaching

DJ, Car Tuning, Video Edits, etc.

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Tines Automation

Automation projects using Tines

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Mainly Android apps, but couple other projects/scripts

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Manage a mainly E-Commerce store, with custom art prints.

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Masterclass Site

Various masterclass courses, originally hosted for teaching and coaching DJ service(s)

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