DJing since 2016 mainly mixing “Ultra Miami” festival style, and eventually incorporating “story-telling” type mixes with Progressive/Uplifting/Vocal Trance over the years.


Have transitioned DJing into more of a secondary hobby during 2020, with most primary hobby focus being geared towards coaching other aspiring DJs, and editing content for social media.


While DJing, have created over 600 hours of recorded music mixes, with the most recent handful of mixes posted on Mixcloud. Most of them were livestreamed on with a handful of recorded/non-recorded in person sets.


After 2020, starting getting into live streaming production of IRL music gigs, as well as video editing for social media including both DJ/Music and cars. This site is a portfolio of all of those, as well as occassional tip/trick articles as they come up.

Some of the key moments of or for DJing:

  • 1,000+ unique fans
  • 9,000+ minutes listened (just on Mixcloud recordings)
  • 150+ recorded sets, with over 500 hours of content
  • Played both on live streams, as well as at local events.
  • Successfully coached numerous others in extremely short amounts of time

DJing isn't much of a focus for me anymore, especially as a paid gig means. The scene was extremely gate-keepy, which although not an issue for me, was a huge turn off. It started out as a goal for making great quality fluid mixes with my own particular favorite musix styles, and once in the actual scene, it was quickly discoverd that this focus/skill was not as important or heavily weighted. What was weighted was how popular you were, whether or not it is related to DJing. Not being a snob, but there were a lot of people around me when I was gigging that were being payed more, getting more gigs, and literally did not know a lot of features on their own equipment. Many times I would be the one to fix their "issues".

What was one of the big final moments that caused me to step back from pursing DJ as heavily was the limitation of freedom in mixing style and genres. I came from a scene where I started strictly all virtual on my own pages, where I could play anything I wanted however I wanted, whenever I wanted. If people didn't like it, they just wouldn't be there. In an in person setting where you are being paid to be there, you are constrained by what the average crowd for that venue is expecting. Sure, in a lot of venues they gave me creative freedom, but it was stil pressure on me that if I played something that the people there didn't like, they would leave. Thus lost revenue for the venue, my "employer" and thus making me look bad.
The second big kicker for me against continuing this "professionally" was that a lot of the DJs that were slotted to play were slotted because they were popular, or already had a crowd. It makes sense because if a DJ can bring in extra people with them, they make the venue more money more often than not. For someone that wasn't well known locally vs others, I was not able to get slots as easily, even if people liked my mixing style more.
Because of those 2 major conflicts, I decided it was best to step back and just maintain doing it in my free time on my own terms for those that were there for my style.

You can listen to my most recent uploaded set through the mixcloud player below. Alternatively, you can clickthrough to mixcloud site, or load it on the free mobile app to continue listening in the background.