Screenshot of front page of the masterclass site image

Although I had not personally designed or hosted this masterclass site, some of the theming and integration into the original DJ hub site was custom, and I believe warrants recognition. Built off the Teachable platform, heavy theming, customizations, and domain linking was implemented to make a near seamless integration with the hub to where one would not normally think they were actually switching to a whole new site completely while navigating the hub. With the original DJ site now ported over into this new theme and server, I am hoping to revist the theme options to see if I could get back a near seamless integration again.

The backstory on this:
This site was originally created as a means of potentially diversifying my income stream at the time. It was near the current peak of my DJ growth, and I had been frequently and consistently\ been asked to help teach others how to learn, or what I am doing as a DJ. I thought it would be perfect to host an "ever green" video, text, image, and/or audio content series that these people could follow on their own time, at their own leisure instead of having to both be scheduled time for a 1:1, or even for situations where physical meeting was not possible.

Some of the key parts that went into, or involved with the hosting of this shop integration:

  • Customized theming and integrations to make a near seamless integration with the original DJ site hub.
  • courses can be completed at will once enrolled.
  • Custom domain name and DNS record management
  • Low maintenance backend with tons of features. Cost started out reasonable, but have been increased over the years, and may continue to do so.

Although this has not proved as a lucrative adventure (yet), I have kept it around since creation, as I have loved the features and systems that Teachable has offered as part of my subscription. Albeit, with one (so far) increase in subscription fees, even for plans that I thought were grandfathered in already. Would have been a HUGE plus if they grandfathered all current/previous plans at original prices for as long as they remained customers. That being said, I still have DJ content hosted there, and have even updated a lof of the course content recently, with the plan to revist marketing my own masterclass content at some point (whether DJ or other).