Here you will find my portfolio of different programming/scripting projects I have worked on. Originally learned basic Java/script language in 2010-2011 at university, but never really did anything with it until 2014-2016 ish where I came out with first Android mobile app, Blackjack Basic Strategy Trainer. Continued with another Casino card style Android app, Casino War (War card game), and also incorpated some knowledge and skills into creating my own Twitch/live stream chat bot before they were really widely available. Recently, some of the programming/coding skills have come in handy regarding Cybersecurity projects, and website design. View each project below for an in depth descrtiption of each.

Brief overview of projects:

  • Blackjack Basic Strategy Trainer - Original intention to be a quick and lightwieght flash card style trainer, with quick strategy chart access.
  • Casino War - The classic War Card game with simulated betting mechanics.
  • Psychbot - Livestream chat bot with loyalty tracker(s), and chat games.
  • Website - No project page link yet... Sites involved basic HTML/Javascript/CSS coding.
  • Arduino - Various IoT integrations via Arduino ecosystem.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Trainer

Android mobile app to teach basic strategy via rapid flashcard style.

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Casino War

Android mobile app with Casino twist on the classic War card game

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Chat bot script, early days of livestreaming. Incorporating loyalty systems and chat games.

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Basic edits to HTML site templates

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Script for various IoT connections, GPS, remote triggers, relay control, etc.

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