The now very elaborate and complex Tines Automation project started out as a simple project using IFTTT's applet service. The original applet service was simply integrating smart home control with 3rd party services and APIs. The next iteration led to integrating an Arduino (Do-it-yourself programmable microcontroller) with IoT devices (mainly GPS tracking services as well as to receive notifications on personal mobile phone. Once the IFTTT service went to a subcription-based model, the need for a replacement service was needed to keep costs down, as one of the main goals for the Arduino project was supposed to be an extremely low/no cost GPS tracker/controller. In comes Tines...

During the course of the accelerated Cybersecurity class in 2023, I had brought up my pain points with IFTTT with the instructor, and what I was intending to do for my project(s). After listening to my needs and purpose(s) for the project, there was no hesitation in recommending Tines service to me, stating that it was IFTTT but insanely better. After spending a handful of hours of getting acquainted to the service, as well as reading official documentation, it was very evident that Tines was THE solution to this project, as well as more...

What started out as a need for a simple replacement for what essentially was only basic webhook requests for a small Arduino project, has turned into a massive project consisting of over 250+ events, 13,000+ triggers and entailing a wide variety of services, features, and functions:

  • Requests to control the Arduino from web apps, as well as from mobile phone.
  • Automated Google search results sent to community social group channels (show updates, game updates, news updates, stock market updates, etc)
  • Automated server status updates for variety of services used (backend for e-commerce store, masterclass site, personal website, hosting providers, etc).
  • Email template generator, that auto populates and personalizes receiving addressess, as well as CC and BCC addressess, and email body content.
  • Future: Automated security notifications, alerts. Other automated controls and triggers.

After detailing the numerous integrations I had eventually incorporated into my Tines Story project, my class instructor was completely blown away with how complex and in depth the automation events I had setup, and mentioned I could/should go through the Tines Core certification program to become Tines Certified. Another few hours later, successful completion of the certification program awarding the Tines Core Certification on 08/2023!
Also, my final project for the Cybersecurity class involved automating email analysis for suspicious links, senders, and files via virustotal and APIs and Tines stories... To put it simple, "I am addicted to Tines Automation"