Here you will find my various tuning projects I have worked on, for what ecventually became known as Psycho Tuned / Psycho Tuning. Many (especially the older projects) may not have many actual pictures, as I was not focused on documenting the progressView each one for an in depth description.

Brief overview of tuning:

  • Hondata S300 - N/A + Boosted, High/low comp, automatic/manual Transmissions, dual/single cam B/D series Vtec/non vtec setups.
  • Versatuner - 1st gen mazdaspeed3. 91 + e85 mixes, MAF + Load based tuning.
  • HPTuners - Potentially soon.

D16Z6 Turbo

'95 Honda Del Sol High Comp. D16Z6 70mm Turbo

[Not Yet Posted]


'91 Honda CRX SI High Comp. B20/Vtec

[Not Yet Posted]

Mazdaspeed3 OEM

'08 Mazdaspeed3 OEM + e85 fuel map

[Not Yet Posted]

B20/V Turbo

'98 Integra b20/vtec Turbo [Automatic]

[Not Yet Posted]

B18B N/A

'91 Integra High Comp. B18B

[Not Yet Posted]


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