I am able to help you learn my personal methods/techniques for DJing, car tuning, and basic video editing. You are able to schedule hourly live sessions, or as they become available online through my masterclass site, on-demand learning via my own video/text/graphic course packages. Currently (as of early 2024), the DJ courses should be fully posted and with mostly current dated software/techniques of mine. Tuning is currently in the works, and may add a basic video editing guide. Contact via site/email or any social channels to discuss and/or schedule a session.
For now, some of the tabs below have personal masterclass courses, and those link to the externally hosted courses. Others that don't will not currently link to anything. Working on building a detail/contact form page for these services at some point.

Car Tuning

Hondata/VersaTuner Tuning

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Tines Automation

Leverage Tines service to automate news, updates, commands, and tasks.

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DJ various Electronic Dance Music genres in person as well as virtually live streamed events

Masterclass Site


Manage a mainly E-Commerce store, with custom art prints.

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Various Masterclass courses, origianlly hosted for teaching and coaching my personal DJ techniques/style

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Video Editing

Basic video editing for long and/or shortform content

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