I began tuning in 2016 with the Honda/Hondata s300 car and tuning platform. Originally tuning on a d16z6 vtec single cam Honda motor, I went through various setups including turbos, b18 dual cam vtec/non vtec, nitrous applications as well map/maf tuning and e85 fueling.
Combining this skill with my already established DJ "persona" (Aeon Psych), I have come to brand this offering as Psycho Tuning / Psycho Tuned. Where most might be familiar with "send it" or "moon" tunes, when you get even crazier with the tune, you reach the Psycho Tuned level!

As far as platforms I work with: I am most familiar with the hondata platform, but have sufficient experience with VersaTuner (mazda/mazdaspeed), and may begin learning HPTuners (GM) soon. Beyond that, I would say I am comfortable tuning most, if not all platforms that have adequate ECU tuning software. If you are looking for ECU tuning from me on platforms that I don't normally work with, it is on you to do the research for ECU and software that will work for your engine and chasis, and then present that information to me to see if I can work with it. In most cases, I will not be doing that research for you.

Pre-Tuning Info:

  • Must have a compatible and working tunable ecu setup. I do not currently solder/socket or custom mod/chip ecus.
    • If you need a compatible ecu package, may be able to order one for you.
  • Car/Engine must be mechanically ready for a tune.
    • If it's determined it's not ready for a tune before/during tuning, you will need to reschedule the tuning date.
  • Wideband Air/Fuel meter guage required. Oil pressure and knock sensor recommended.
  • Fuel capabilities/requirements:
    • Stock Honda B/D/H series injectors are good for up to about 5 psi/lbs of forced induction.
    • Map sensor good up to about 10 psi
    • upgrade both if you want more.
    • E85 fuel requires 30%+ more fuel, so this must be factored into your max fuel injector output as well.
  • Software/Hardware:
    • Honda setups preferred Hondata.
      • If running chips, you provide the chips and chip burner hardware.
    • Mazda preferred VersaTuner.
      • You provide the license, or it will be included in your tuning fee.
    • HPTuners: discuss


  • Base Map: $50
    • Base map - Gets your car started and able to move.
    • NOT recommended for daily driving, and especially not racing
    • Base map fee is included in any tune.
  • Base Tune: $100+
    • Base Tune - Gets your car daily-driveable. The more in-depth complex your setup, additional fee may be charged.
  • Street Tune: $200+
    • Street Tune - Street tune for both reliability and fun. The more in-depth complex your setup, additional fee may be charged.
  • Psycho Tune: $300+
    • Psycho Tune - Special street tune for your vehicle to be as aggressive as possible per your setup and personal preferences... Although intention is to NOT "blow" your motor with this tune, reliability/longevity is not the main focus here.
    • Optionally, for those that want full race output preference for this tune, some would consider this a "send it" or "moon" tune.
  • ETune
    • If you are able to follow directions, and able to provide sufficient datalogs per tuning revision: this is an available option for both all base options. Psycho Tunes must be in person.
    • If unable to provide adequate communication and/or datalogs, ETune service could be cancelled at any point, with/out refund depending on amount of work done already.
  • Mobile Service: +$20
    • Additional fee to come to you, within reasonable local distance. Applicable to base maps/tunes.
    • Outside reasonable zone of travel is an additional/extra fee depending on distance.
  • Wideband Not Installed: +$50
    • Applicapable to in person tuning only. Etune/Remote must have way to datalog AFR to proceed.
    • Additional fee to have your wideband installed, or borrowed from me (removed at end of tuning).
    • +$250 for a borrowed wideband and it's yours to keep installed
  • Forced Induction / Nitrous:
    • Depending on how custom/aggressive the tune, an additional fee may apply for forced induction applications (turbo, supercharger, ITB, Nitrous, etc.)
  • "Psycho Tune" tunes - Unlimited retunes (within reason) with no additional fees for same chassis/motor setup, including moderate upgrades/mods. Extreme modifications or upgrades to setup may offer discount.
  • Street tunes - 1 retune included for same chassis/motor. Very minor mods/upgrades only.

Compare Locally

  • Hondata s300 NA: $350+
  • VersaTuner/Mazda: N/A
  • ITBs / Turbo/supercharger: $450+
  • Hourly rates: $100+/hr
  • Base tunes: $200+
  • Street tunes: $400+
  • Dyno tunes: $500-$800 or self serve $100-$200/hr rates

Contact form not available yet for services, just use normal contact via site contact (email) or via any social channels if you would like this service. Thanks.