Hello! I'm Aeon, DJ, Video Editor, and Car Tuning Fanatic!

Define “Aeon Psych” – An indefinite and very long period of time to mentally prepare for a testing task.


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DJing since 2016 mainly mixing “Ultra Miami” festival style, and eventually incorporating “story-telling” type mixes with Progressive/Uplifting/Vocal Trance over the years.
Have transitioned DJing into more of a secondary hobby during 2020, with most primary hobby focus being geared towards coaching other aspiring DJs, and editing content for social media.
While DJing, have created over 600 hours of recorded music mixes, with the most recent handful of mixes posted on Mixcloud. Most of them were livestreamed on with a handful of recorded/non-recorded in person sets.
After 2020, starting getting into live streaming production of IRL music gigs, as well as video editing for social media including both DJ/Music and cars. This site is a portfolio of all of those, as well as occassional tip/trick articles as they come up.


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