Pre-Tuning Info:

  • Car must be mechanically reliable, and ready for a tune. If you need parts installed or something fixed, work out something before scheduling for a tune.
    • Tuning will not proceed if car needs mechanical attention before or during tuning.
  • Recommended you have extra oil, extra coolant, and extra set of spark plugs on reserve.
  • Wideband Air/Fuel meter gauge required for anything more than a base tune.
    • The reason: proper air/fuel mixture is required for safe & reliable running of your motor.
  • Fuel capabilities:
    • Stock Honda injectors only good for up to about 5 psi/lbs of forced induction. Stock Honda map sensor good for about 10 psi/lbs. Upgrade your injectors/map sensor if you want more.
    • Running E85 requires at least 30% more fuel, ensure your system is capable of the increase in fuel
  • Software/hardware:
    • Hondas must have a version of Hondata s300 (v1, v2, or v3 acceptable).
    • Versatuner with a tuning license (mazda)
    • Anything HPTuner compatible


  • Base Map: $50
    • Base map – Gets your car started and able to move. NOT recommended for driving, and especially not for racing.
  • Base Tune: $200
    • Base tune – Gets your car up to a daily driver condition. Tuned to be as reliable as possible per your setup and driving preference.
  •  Psycho Tuned: $300+
    •  Special street tune your vehicle to be as fun and reliable as possible per your setup and your preference.


  • Mobile Service: +$20
    • Additional fee to come to you. Applicable for base maps and base tunes only.
  • Wideband Not Installed: +$50
    • Additional fee to borrow a wideband sensor and gauge, and have it installed and removed at end of tuning. Your car will not be tuned without a wideband. $200 and you can keep the wideband installed.
  • Forced Induction Tune: +$100
    • Depending on how custom and/or aggressive the tune, an additional fee may apply to tune for forced induction applications (Turbo, Supercharger, ITB, Nitrous, etc.)


  • “Psycho Tuned” tunes – unlimited retunes (within reason) with no additional fee for the same motor setup. Modifications or upgrades to setup with the original tune may offer a discount on a retune

Compare Locally

Locash (Dyno only)

  • Hondata s300 NA: $350
  • ITB’s or Turbo/Supercharger: $450
  • Hourly Dyno rate (self tune on their dyno): $100/hr
  • Basic Dyno Session (no tune): $100
  • Mobile Service: N/A


  • Base Tune: $200
  • Street Tune: $400
  • Basic Dyno Tune: $500
  • Deluxe Dyno Tune: $800
  • Hourly Rate: $200/hr
  • Basic Dyno Session (no tune): $100
  • Mobile Service: $50+


Learn how to tune yourself! 1:1 Coaching, as well as self-paced online course(s) available!

Everything Aeon Psych has learned over years of working with OEM as well as custom builds for the obd1 hondas and mazdaspeed family, including both MAP based tuning and LOAD based tuning!

To sign up for the self paced course, click the image to the left, or the “LEARN” tab at the top and navigate to or search for the “ECU Tuning” Course.

1:1 coaching is currently in person, or through video/screen share on discord. Contact for information.

1:1 rates: $200 for the first 2 hours, $50 every additional hour needed afterwards.